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The Peter Lynch Portfolio 29

The Peter Lynch Portfolio 29 newsletter is an in-depth publication that builds and tracks a live money portfolio.

The chosen stocks all meet the strict investment requirements of legendary investor Peter Lynch.

Best of all, the GuruFocus CEO and founder puts his own money behind each and every pick.

The criteria for growth stocks that make it into the portfolio are as follows:

  • Trading at an earnings multiple less than its historical growth rate (ensures stock is undervalued).
  • High predictability of earnings and EBITDA (these stocks do better and offer less risk).
  • Low debt to income ratio (company not in danger of bankruptcy due to overleveraging).
  • Small to mid cap size (smaller companies offer greater growth potential).
  • High correlation of price to earnings (proprietary code that identifies stocks whose price has followed earnings changes at a historical degree greater than 70% correlation).
  • 5-year growth rate above 20% (identifies stocks still in their rapid growth phase).
  • Interest coverage > 10 (earnings will not be diluted by debt payments).
  • Several other proprietary in-house analytic measures.
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Together, the custom-built scanning formula identifies the highest quality growth stocks trading at the greatest discount to intrinsic value.

By combining the demands of top end growth with relative undervaluation, they are able to build and maintain a portfolio of small and mid-cap growers poised for the largest gain with limited downside risk.

These are the kinds of stocks that made Peter Lynch a household name.


We also include undervalued “stalwarts” – large cap stocks demonstrating mid-level growth rates that are trading at depressed prices in relation to earnings and historical valuation levels.

For these stocks, our criteria rely more on valuation than growth. These “cigar butt” plays seek returns of 30-50% by holding only until share prices catch up with true value.

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Why The Peter Lynch Portfolio?

We have reviewed a lot of investment newsletters – some good, some bad.

The bad ones are easy to spot. They’re overhyped, relentlessly promoted, and mysteriously disappear once the performance turns south.

These are the same newsletters that like to tout their winning trades and conveniently forget to mention the monster losers.

The good ones are harder to find, but there are two qualities I look for in any reputable investment publication:

  1. A complete and transparent track record. If you cannot find complete trade details and cumulative returns, it’s probably not worth your time.
  2. The publisher invests his money along yours. Anyone writing an investment newsletter that doesn’t follow his own recommendations should be a red flag.

In Short

Peter Lynch Portfolio 29:

  • check Monthly stock picks based on Lynch’s investment criteria
  • check Detailed analysis of each stock
  • check Original Peter Lynch charts licensed from SRC
  • check Proprietary stock rankings
  • check Growth stocks offering the greatest upside potential
  • check Stalwarts trading at discounts to value
  • check All recommendations traded in real money personal account by GuruFocus CEO

– only $99/year.

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