The toolbox is an ongoing project to give you some useful tools to help you better manage your personal finances.

The Peter Lynch Portfolio

The Peter Lynch Portfolio 29 newsletter is an in-depth publication that builds and tracks a live money portfolio. The chosen stocks all meet the strict investment requirements of legendary investor Peter Lynch.

Current Stock Market Valuations

How are markets valued? Not sure if you should invest now? Find out by using: The Buffet Indicator, The Shiller P/E Ratio and discover Global Market Valuations.

Financial Dictionary

Managing Your Personal Finances isn’t hard. But, the big institutions worked hard to make it sound difficult. Here you’ll find the big boys jargon from A to Z.

Financial calculators

Discover our compound interest, loan and retirement calculators for planning accuracy.

Currency Converter

Easy currency converter. Convert all currency – easy to use – EUR/USD – USD/GBP – and many more.

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