Recommended Reading: Financial Freedom by Gisela Enders

financial freedom by giseala enders

Financial Freedom: Conversations with people who don’t have to work anymore.

Financial freedom may be a goal for you. What would you do if you no longer needed to work for money?

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I’d bet it would open a lot of doors. You could finally do everything you wanted to do for a long time. So much would be possible.

Looks like paradise to me!

I really enjoyed this book.  Gisela Enders interviewed people mostly from Germany and Europe who are already financially free. Some who do not work at all anymore and others who spend every day working on their own projects out of sheer passion.

Please note that all the proceeds of this book will be donated to a children’s home in Romania. Financial Freedom by Gisela Enders is the best of two worlds: A great read and an opportunity to give to charity.

There will be a sale for this book from november 24 to november 26 this year (2017).