Personal finance – What does it mean?

personal finance

Personal Finance – What Does It Mean?

The activity of managing your own money.


That’s the basic definition of personal finance. Needless to say that for many people, probably most people, personal finance is a difficult subject with a lot of bells and whistles attached to it.

Personal finance is different for every person because not everyone is the same (would be kind of boring, I guess). We all live in a different way and we all have different goals and dreams.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you think about it from time to time to know where you are at and to find out what your goals are. It’s ok if your goals change every now and then. That’s normal, that’s life.

The Problem

Some people fall into a trap (including me), working 60 to 80 hour workweeks, traveling a lot but never experiencing a thing, willing to slow down but anchored to a paycheck just to pay for the lifestyle they’ve become used to. Trapped with bad finances and a lot of debt. Keeping up with the joneses or just struggling to pay the bills.

Others are happy with working a lot (I was to) or very passionate about what they do.

Maybe you just want to live a simple and meaningful life, knowing that your financial life is in order, comfortably saving and investing, prepared for emergencies.

No matter what you do… working for a boss or working for yourself. You have got to:

Mind your own business…


The business of life… your life!

What if your home was a company’s headquarter and you were the CEO, CFO, COO and owner all in one and the people you love most are your staff…

Would you be happy with what you achieved so far?

Do you think your investors will have confidence in you and your financials?

Is your staff happy? Can they reach you? Are you working as a team?

How do the communities around your business respond? Did you garner support or are you secretly dumping toxic waste on them?

Maybe I am taking it to far but whenever I think about my finances… I also ponder about life because almost everything that we do is related to some sort of monetary value that directly or indirectly intersects with other values. For example: value of our time, value of our health or relationships.

You’ll find this blog shooting of in the strangest directions sometimes, just remember to keep an open mind on this large subject. A coin has three sides.