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This personal finance blog’s goal is to teach you how to mind your own business. Slowly, we are creating the resources and tools to help you take control over your own money and set you on F.I.R.E!

It’s all about the activity of managing your own money.

This blog is not written by financial professionals. Spending, saving and investing are the main topics of this blog but we might talk about a lot of other topics. Some ideas will sound good to you and some will not. That’s fine, just use the suggestions and ideas that sound good to you and think about the others.

Key principles in personal finance will be introduced to you and you might have heard them all before.

Financial education never stops.

It’s about understanding how to manage your own money, thinking about it and knowing that you can have, and will have, the knowledge to mind your own business.

If you are investing your own money make sure to check the Current Stock Market Valuations from time to time. Financial Calculators and a Currency Converter can be found in our Toolbox.

You’ll find this blog shooting of in the strangest directions sometimes, just remember to keep an open mind on this large subject. A coin has three sides so we need to see multiple viewpoints.

Any questions, comments or remarks can be made here.

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