5 Lucrative Side Hustles to Earn Extra Money

Earn Extra Money

5 Lucrative Side Hustles to Earn Extra Money

Too much downtime on your hands? This is a perfect opportunity to earn extra money on the side. Here are 5 amazing side hustles that pay out big.

Over 44 million Americans today have a side hustle. Are you one of them?

The side hustle is now a common way to use your downtime. Not only is it a great way to make more money, but it also lets you explore different interests and develop new skills.

Why not use your free time to improve your life? Here are 5 of the best side hustles so you can earn extra money in the way that works for you.

1. Dog Walking

If you’re an animal lover, dog walking is one of the best side hustles out there.

Dog walking apps, like Rover, are one of the most popular ways for new dog walkers to find work. However, you can also go the old-fashioned way and use word of mouth to find clients, or post fliers around your neighborhood.

If you add pet sitting to the mix, you’ll increase your chances for financial gain even more. Many people love a pet sitter who will stay in the house and spend time with their pet. And the more happy customers you have, the more new clients you can be referred to!

2. Take Surveys

Many online surveys, which you can take from your computer or your phone, will pay you for your time.

Companies want information about their target audience, and it’s quick and easy for you to give it to them in the form of a survey.

There are many survey sites out there, so take the time to find which ones are best for you. This is a great way to earn a little extra cash while you’re watching T.V. or hanging out at home.

3. Start an Online Class

Maybe you have culinary knowledge or know how to apply flawless makeup. If you have a skill that others can learn from, an online class is a great way to earn extra money.

Many people use a free service like YouTube to give people a taste of their skills. Then, once you have a following, you can offer a paid class where you’ll give them your insider knowledge about whatever it is that you teach.

4. Drive for Money

If you have a car and live in a city, you can easily sign up to work for a ride share service like Lyft or Uber. These options are so successful that some people even choose to do them full-time.

This is also a great way to get to know your way around your area. Explore your city and discover new neighborhoods and hidden parks when you start making money by driving.

5. Shop for Others

If you love shopping, you can actually get other people to pay you to do it.

Many people are willing to pay someone to run errands for them. Try an app like Instacart, which lets you go on grocery shopping trips for clients. Or TaskRabbit, where personal shopping can be among the odd jobs that get posted.

Ready to Earn Extra Money?

As you can see, there is a wide variety of ways you can earn extra money today.

You can choose the side hustle (or hustles!) that work best for you, while avoiding anything that doesn’t pique your interest. There really is something out there for everyone.

Wondering what you’ll do with all that extra money? We can help you plan ahead and grow your income – find out more tips here.